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It’s been a hell of a week, but hey I made it. After a phone call that reopened a scar, it took a few friends and an Elizabeth Taylor quote for me to get myself back together again. I’m starting to realize I’m allowed to be picky, I don’t have to settle for anyone ever. If you’re just going to use me for a good time, I’m not down with that. Don’t play around with me and don’t ignore me. Yeah it might get lonely sometimes but that’s alright. I deserve someone I want and who wants me. I deserve to be happy. I shouldn’t have to throw myself at someone just to get five minutes worth of their attention. If you want me come get me, I’m right here.

I bought these in 7th grade, they were a size too big then, last year I went through some clothes that I thought were too small for me to ever even dream about fitting back into but something just wouldn’t let me give these up. And 15 weeks into my work out plan I can fit into them again. Ladies hardwork does pay off, don’t give up!

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